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August to December 2016

2016 / TyPA LAB


Advanced training program for museum Professionals from Latin America.


The TyPA Lab on Museum Management is an intensive training program for museum professionals and new leaders in museums and cultural centers in Latin America, while also promoting reflection on the practices  developed in the field.


Primarily intended for professionals with a genuine will for change, management and leadership-oriented, the TyPA Lab aims to provide the future managers of Latin American museums with theoretical and practical tools.


We offer a balanced combination of face-to-face one-week encounters in Buenos Aires throughout a semester, with lectures and hands-on workshops, and on-line seminars with international experts and virtual group discussions among colleagues through a digital platform. Throughout the program, participants examine their individual leadership styles, their institutions needs and perspectives and become part of meaningful moments of collective work and discussion to develop strategies to address the field´s current and future challenges.


The program is conceived with high academic standards, based on the vast training experience of Fundación TyPA, the partnership with recognized institutions and the participation of prestigious faculty members from the region, US and Europe.


From August to November 2016 Fundación TyPA has developed the 3rd edition of this largely successful program with thirty participants coming from different regions in Argentina, as well Latin America.




- To provide the most innovative tools for creative management in museums.

- To encourage strategic thinking and interdisciplinary work within organizations.

- Strengthen leadership to contribute to the institutional transformation.

- To promote and enhance a theoretical and methodological development on these topics.

- To create communities of practice and collaboration among peers. 




The Lab is organized into three main chapters:





During online and face to face encounters, these topics are approached through different levels:

- THEORETICAL concepts, strategies, institutional implementation and analysis of real cases.

- WORKSHOPS on Leadership / Project Management / Negotiation / Conceptual exhibition designing, and more

- EXERCISES on self-knowledge, management, leadership and institutional diagnosis.

- Participants will develop a PROJECT to be implemented in their home institutions along with mentors and groups of peers.



One semester: August - December 2016


- August 15th to August 26th: Synchronous online lessons.

- September 26th to October 1st: Face-to-face lessons in Buenos Aires. 

- November 21st to November 26th: Face-to-face lessons in Buenos Aires.

* Throughout the whole semester: webinars with local and foreign experts, exercises provided by teachers and personalized mentoring sessions on personal projects.



Thirty museum and other cultural institutions´ professionals from Argentina, and Latin America have been be selected. 


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